Rare is the artist who, in the middle of her musical ascent, voluntarily walks from the spotlight to answer the call of motherhood. Tanya, exiting with dignity 10 years ago is now returning with a cause, a brand new 14 track album and three kids, no less.  
Tanya Self needs no introduction to the Australian country music industry, and avid country music fans will remember her much loved radio hits and videos, like “The Dumaresq”, “Drive Away” (with Adam Harvey), “Every River” and “Are You Man Enough?”  
For today’s new generation of country music fans, however, she’s a brand new voice, with fresh music that delivers guitar edgy sensitive issues, with a maturity and perspective that speak volumes of the life she has lived, the choices she’s made and the issues she cares about.  A gifted songwriter, she is writing her stories and singing yours.  
A child prodigy and local celebrity in the Queensland coastal city, Maryborough, Tanya’s musical career began modestly but quickly soared with her first major award, 1995’s Star Maker title in Tamworth.   This directed her enormous potential into tangible success as she went on to churn out eleven top 10 country radio hits, perform at the largest festivals and gigs in country music, and win a Golden Guitar in 1998 for Vocal Collaboration with Adam Harvey.
Fast forward to 2014 and Tanya presents Random Truths, a brand new 14 track album.  She has written every track with co-writes on four with Rick Price, Sarah Godden and Olivia Jane Crick.  Random Truths is slated for release at the URBAN MUSIC FESTIVAL, Caboolture, 4 May.
RANDOM TRUTHS is recorded flawlessly on the other side of the Pacific by Aussie expat in Nashville, Mike Flanders.
On hearing Random Truths:
GRAEME CONNORS, (PLATINUM AUSTRALIAN CM ARTIST): “…superb vocal performances and world-class production.  I am so happy to see Tanya back in the saddle and I hope she claims the success this collection of songs deserves.”  
ADAM HARVEY, (MULTI GOLDEN GUITAR WINNING AUST CM LEGEND): “ ...When we recorded a duet in 1997, I remember thinking - what a powerful, unique voice. Listening to her new album, it's great to see she hasn't lost any of that vocal style or energy.  It is a really great album full of great songs, from strong country ballads, to modern catchy tunes.”
Astoundingly, this is only her second album.  Random Truths showcases the talent that made Tanya much loved and admired - one gets the feeling she’s just getting warmed up and ready to shine.  Random Truths addresses highly sensitive issues in LISTENING IN and FALLEN ANGEL, but also presents a healthy dose of insightful, uplifting narratives like the catchy THE JACARANDA and the reflective GROWING UP.  Tanya delivers the classic girl-anthem in DRESSED TO KILL with authentic conviction while the melodic EVERYTHING and thought provoking, YOU DON’T LOVE ME (WHEN YOU’RE SOBER) reveal her vulnerability and resolve.   Her stories are laced with vivid emotional imagery on an Australian landscape and are personal, heart-warming and wise - and all country.
Random Truths reasserts Self’s place in Australian Country Music and serves as a fantastic celebration of her return to the music industry.  
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